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When the first European settlers reached the shores of America, they saw before them a great land and a great promise. They knew it would not be won without a struggle, but they were a determined people. In the years ahead, they founded a new nation and a new dream, the likes of which the world had never seen. It was called the United States of America.
Yet to these same shores the first pioneers unwittingly brought the seeds of their own future destruction. Lacking in number and without even the rudimentary technology of the European homelands they had forsaken, they chose instead to uproot a primitive people from a savage land and bring them here to help work their fields and farms.
This was to be the gravest error the founders of America ever made, though they would never live to know this. It is we, their descendants, who must now bear the haunting consequences of that long ago mistake.
Now our nation stands at the dawn of the 21st century, amid the crumbling decay of our once great cities. We have lost our dream and our way, as we are steadily overwhelmed by those who would see our European legacy vanish without a trace.
If there is left within you a longing to be proud of your European heritage, your nation, and your future, can you yet stand by and see your country destroyed from within?
If you cannot, then there remains only one course of action left to youand that is to unite in a common bond with your people. Together, we can reclaim the greatness that was America...and the destiny that our Forefathers intended.