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The passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act lit the fuse.
It has been slowly burning ever since. For over fifty years it has burned a long glowing line of racial dissension across this troubled land.
Yet, a burning fuse is no danger to anyone, you might say. Alone, it isn’t. It’s what lies at the end of that burning fuse that is the real danger.
For the racial powder keg that threatens to blow this nation apart was, in fact, ignited by the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Of that this is no doubt now.
What had been a victory for the civil rights movement to legislate into law a “color blind” society in regard to job hiring and educational access for blacks and other minorities soon became a discriminatory bludgeon wielded against Euro-Americans.
It was this betrayal of the original intent and spirit of the Civil Rights Act that seeded white resentment deep into the angry soil of this nation’s race relations. Now, fifty years later, a dark harvest is ripening.
The 1964 Civil Rights Act had never been intended to do anything else but give blacks and other minorities an equal opportunity to compete for jobs, educational access, and housing on a merit by merit basis.
This meant that the best qualified job applicant got the job, the higher scoring student got into the better university, the family who could afford it bought the house─regardless of one’s skin color.
That was it, in a nutshell. In fact, many Euro-Americans were glad to see the Civil Rights Act passed because they believed it to be an equitable solution to unfair discrimination.
Fairness soon turned into blatant unfairness, however, as the Civil Rights Act was twisted and tortured by Washington bureaucrats into something ugly and frightening: racial favoritism, reverses discrimination, and meritless job advantage. On the day that happened...a match was struck and a fuse lit.
Since that day, the fuse has continued to burn. It burns today in the boardrooms of our corporations, where blacks hold positions they did not earn by merit alone. It burns across our college campuses where blacks have been granted lower academic requirements. And it burns in our society at larger wherever blacks continue to demand that there now be no “color blindness”─if that color is black.
There should be no doubt now in the mind of all Euro-Americans as to what the 1964 Civil Rights Act has actually spawned in this nation. In the last fifty years it has unleashed a plague of multiculturalists whose ruthless intent is to take this country by storm. Their crusade is to supplant America’s traditional system of values, its traditional culture , and its Euro-ethnic peoples.
In their stead will rise a new nation─a nation built on a system of non-values, a nation where the “rap culture” will dominate from sea to shining sea, all under the political control of a growing Afro-Latino power bloc.
If this seems no more than “scare talk” then I suggest you read this quote from a man who spent his life intent on destroying Euro-ethnic civilization in this country: “If someone puts a hand on you, send him to the cemetery...” By “someone” he meant you─the Euro-American.
His name, of course, was Malcolm X. Since his death at the hands of other black Muslims, he has become the new messiah of the multiculturalists.
This former terrorist, hater of whites, and enemy of the traditional values this country was founded upon is not vilified in our history books. No─he is “honored” on a US commemorative postage stamp beside such notable men as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson.

And the fuse burns....