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Imagine a world where European civilization had never existed; a world where Greek philosophers had never gathered to ponder the why of things. A world where Roman cities had never arisen against the Mediterranean dawn. What might that world be like today?
No one can say with certainty. But a world bereft of European civilization would very likely be a world steeped in ignorance and darkness. For it was the great flowering of European culture during the Renaissance that gave rise to some of the greatest thinkers, creators, and explorers the world has ever seen‒then or since.
Had they not existed, had Europe instead remained a barren northern region populated only by primitive, nomadic peoples as much of Africa, Asia and South America was during that time, it is safe to conclude that much of the world we know today would be steeped in darkness and ignorance. For there is little doubt that the North American Indian, had the white man never alighted upon his shores, would even now be hunting buffalo on the Midwest plains‒content with his life and unknowing of the greater world beyond.
Without the European era of great explorations, when bold men such as Drake, Magellan, and Cook set out to chart the unknown waters of the world, Africa would even now remain an untouched continent adrift in tribal darkness and superstition. Even today many African peoples live as they did centuries ago, in primitive huts festering with vermin and pestilence. For there never was a Renaissance in Africa...nor a Galileo...nor a Newton.
What evidence of modern civilization one sees today in the streets of Kampala or Nairobi or Johannesburg did not spring from African minds but from the minds of those who came across the unknown seas centuries earlier.
Throughout Africa, wherever one sees the glittering streak of automobiles or the sparkle of an aircraft shooting across the skies, one is gazing upon the mind and the will and the vision produced by centuries of noble Euro-ethnic creators. Their contributions remain a debt the African people will never be able to repay. Nor, for that matter, the rest of the world...
Unfortunately, in today’s multicultural frenzy to rewrite history, that enormous debt is quickly being forgotten. So, it remains up to we Euro-Americans to remind the world what Euro-ethnic civilization has given to mankind.
What has it given?
To say the least, it has given far more than it has ever received. It has spread its intellectual bounty at the table of mankind, for all to feast. It has conquered the seven seas and flung its mighty will toward the distant stars, as no others.
By contrast, what has Africa given to mankind? There was ancient Egypt of course, but it was never typical of Africa as a whole. Africa as a whole has given us centuries of savage ignorance, murderous tribal warfare, AIDS...and little else.
What of Mexico? one may ask. Where are the great achievements of our southern neighbor? The great inventions? The great literature? The great thinkers and the great artists? Where? Yet, to these backward people our American leaders plan to deliver us to within the next thirty years.
It need not be.
The tide can be turned. All that is necessary is for every Euro-American to stand up and refuse to cooperate in his own displacement and destruction. That is what this book is all about: Standing up. Standing up and refusing to accept the non-white takeover of America.

Welcome, Ward Kendall here. A few years ago, I wrote a novel called Hold Back This Day, a grim tale about the last white people on Earth and their valiant struggle to survive in a world of nineteen billion racially-intermixed human beings. It was far from an ordinary work of fiction, something to be read at bedtime, mused over, and then put away and quickly forgotten. And, though the book was ostensibly science-fiction, in actuality it was closer to a crime story–a crime story about the murder of the white race.
Unfortunately, the crime portrayed between the pages of Hold Back This Day is becoming less and less fictional with each passing year, as the once-bright future of America is slowly murdered by multiculturalism, miscegenation, Third World immigration, falling white birth rates, culture-wrecking globalism, and, behind it all, the treacherous betrayal of our own nation’s leaders. Never has the betrayal of our own leaders–both Republican and Democrat–been more crystal clear than when the Washington Times reported on January 22, 2004:

"Immigration policies, however, are for the most part the preserve of Washington elites who have little to fear from public opinion. There is no significant constituency, it seems, for curbs on immigration. The alliance between left and right on the amnesty issue is not a mystery. Both sides profit. Republicans want cheap and compliant labor for low-level manufacturing jobs, and especially farm labor. Not only will Mexican laborers work cheaply, their presence keeps wages low for Americans who are seeking entry-level jobs. Cheap labor also delays the expense of modernizing factories and farms. The Democrats, on the other hand, want future voters. Whereas the Republicans seek to exploit the labor of Mexican immigrants, the Democrats seek to exploit them politically. The Democrats have always been far ahead of the short-sighted and largely apolitical Republicans."

Despite these sobering admissions, the vast majority of white Americans go about their daily lives in almost total ignorance of the earth-shaking demographic changes underway all across America. Tell the average white American that his children will be a racial minority in his own country by the time he’s middle-aged, and he’s not likely to believe you. Even for those who do, they’ll invariably say “that’s a good thing”, while remaining cheerfully oblivious to the harsh fact that being a minority has never been described as “a good thing” by those who actually are–such as today’s negroes and mestizos.
In truth, being a minority is not a good thing at all, especially when you’re a racial minority. Just ask the minority whites of South Africa, who are finding that out the hard way. On a daily basis, they are robbed, raped, and murdered by the majority non-whites, who do so almost with impunity, now that they control South Africa’s police, military, and seats of government, as America’s burgeoning non-white hordes are quickly destined to control ours.
We stop them.
Unfortunately, over the long course of events, it has become clear that certain political strategies, tactics, and ideologies have failed to engage the hearts and minds of the white American public in saving their own race.
Furthermore, both here, Canada, and Europe, and even unto the farthest reaches of Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, the sociopolitical instrument by which we now commonly refer to as White Nationalism (WN) has utterly collapsed under the onslaught and invasion of Third World peoples, unrelenting leftist indoctrination of our youth, economic globalization, and, finally, the usurpation of our Euro-ethnic culture−all events totally unprecedented in world history.
If–and this itself has become a questionable proposition– there is still time to reverse our White Nationalist course and yet set sail into stronger currents of power and progress, those voices and individuals who exert the greatest influence on the WN movement must either step forward and embrace a new brand of white nationalism, or step aside and let others take over the reins of our struggle. For they must confess an unpleasant truth: that not a single Third World invader has been pushed back from a single inch of American soil by anything they’ve done.
Despite our best individual and collective efforts, our nation is darker than ever, our cities more alien and hostile, our children’s future less bright. Only by admitting this unpleasant truth can we engage any hope of galvanizing ourselves for the greater battle to come. Just as with the founding of America, there can be no freedom from the leftist tyranny now imposed upon us without the sacrifice of blood. How that sacrifice will come, and when, remains unknown.
This book can be interpreted by those who read it in several ways: as a still photograph of the White Nationalist movement as it appeared early in the year 2016, like a raindrop frozen in mid-motion against a flash of lightning, albeit seen through the eyes of only the author; or, more importantly, as a modest attempt to codify just what we white nationalists are fighting for–or should be–so that we may have the beginning of both a map to guide us to where we are going, and a blueprint to build our shining castle upon the hill once we arrive.
And, finally, it is hoped that this book will serve as inspiration to any and all who are bereft of guidance these days, and to remember that our Race is the Race of the upward glance, with the stars above our guiding light. For it is to these stellar heights that we whites must ever aspire, and must never forget.
As you consider these words, let it be made clear‒the hour is late. Either we turn course now and set sail toward our best hope of victory, or we continue to drift aimlessly in the stagnant waters of our present situation. Turning course will not be easy. Many will resist, while, fortunately, a great many more will realize that this is our last, best hope to finally set forth on a logical and coherent mission toward victory. Whether this last opportunity is seized or rejected will, ultimately, decide whether we whites are worthy of racial survival–or destined instead for racial extinction.
That said, what is needed now is a blueprint for tomorrow; a precise set of fundamental precepts by which we white nationalists can build an ideologically-unified, coast-to-coast movement, based on clear-cut ideas and sound principles that will serve to guide us through the stormy years ahead. One plan for all of us, one blueprint by which we trace our collective finger toward victory. That blueprint for tomorrow is...
The Eight Foundations of White Nationalism